We are developing quantum information processing technology using ion trap at SK telecom in South Korea. Our first experiment started in 2012 from scratch, and we trapped our first 174Yb+ ion in July 2013 using our first ion trap chip fabricated in collaboration with Nano/Micro Systems & Controls Lab at Seoul National University. We also succeed in shuttling the ions along the trap axis, and trapping 171Yb+ ions. We also verified that Rabi oscillation can be induced with microwave using 171Yb+ ion. We are currently working to generate single photon from the trapped ion and eventually will generate entangled state between two ions trapped in separate chambers following entanglement generation scheme demonstrated by Chris Monroe group at University of Maryland.

For an overview of quantum information processing with trapped ions, please refer to the lecture given by Prof. Rainer Blatt at University of Innsbruck .






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